The Catholic Church

The Church is the congregation of all baptized persons united in the same true faith, sacrifice and sacraments, under the papacy. It was founded to bring everyone to salvation. Jesus gave the power to teach, sanctify and rule the members of the Church to the Apostles; the Bishops are the sucessors of the Apostles. The Bishops are assisted by the preists in the care of souls.

Christ gave Peter unique powers in His Church by makeing him head of the Apostals and the cheif teacher of the Church. The Bishop of Rome is the successor of Saint Peter.

The Catholic Church is the One true church established by Christ, it alone is one, holy, universal and apostolic. All people are obliged to belong to the Catholic church in some way in order to be saved. God has given the Church, through Christ, the power to forgive sins.

The communion of saints is the union of the faithful on Earth, the blessed in Heaven and the souls in purgatory, with Christ as the head. Mary, by virtue of her Assumption was raised body and soul into Heaven.

When we die we are judged by God at our particular judgment. After the general resurrection all mankind will be judged at the general judgment.After particular judgment souls go either to Hell, purgatory or Heaven.




The Commandments