Hello to everyone I know

Hello to:

Kate, my friend in France (Now back in Australia), Eddie, my buddy, Mum, Dad, Dam, Nan, Nanny Bathurst, Michael, Monique, Jules, Tiger (Kelly), Erin, Kevin, Damien, Megan, John, Duncan, Helen, Leanne, Liam, Tim, Bridget, Dominic, Melanie, Vickie, crusty, Nolan, Notty, YT, Jarrod, Chifley, Burgy, Phil, Pud, Louise, Korena, Todd, Paul, Drew, Brendan, Louise2, Dopper, Heath, Kris, Parso, Seamo, Meg, Jo, Kirstin, Lisa, Sara, Jason & Karen, Alex, Lorren, Mikalea, James, Mark, Judy, Cheryl, Tony, Bob, Sandra, My Cousins in Scotland, Jim, Catherine, Luke, Allan, Teresa, David, The Class of '96, all Stannies students & staff, all CSU students and staff, all people who go out on Saturday nights, all IRC users, The Lord, all faithful Catholics, all traditionalists, the Bathurst Rosary Group, the Pope, the Prime minister, Australians everywhere & all members of the Human Race.


If I've forgotten you please e-mail me & I'll put you in. Sorry if I've spelt your name wrong.

Greg Bellamy 1998