Quotable Quotes

Real Life

"There weren't many Christians before the time of Christ"-Unknown Girl

" I want a girlfriend so I can have a massage"-SP

"The old fellas shrunk"-TN

"What are the flagpoles for?"-GB

"I give girls wet dreams"-Undisclosed

"Shut up I'm trying to Understand"-MR

"It's not socially acceptable"-BR

"It's Quiet tonight"-Nan

"Star Wars Sux"-SP

"I don't have to squint to keep the sun out of my eyes"-EY

"And on that day, Satan will be skating to work"-GB

"My Names ------------------------ and I'm here to Learn"-KCW


"At least I'm not a priest"-RS

"You boys bitch so much"-KG

"And the point is"…-GB

"Your obviously mistaking me for someone who cares"-GB

"Sic man"-SP

"I'll be octimus prime and you can be bumble-bee"-JC

"White out is strong, Ill use it to glue my ruler back together"-JC

"I won't tolerate mediocrity"-JE

"And the moral of the story is"…-GB

"I like the feel of my jaw moving up and down"-SP

"I'm a pirate"-MW

"'Get the Ewe' is my favourite Quote"-KCW


"And tell me Bishop Celibacy, if pig meat is unclean why do you eat it?"-AM

"I know, we'll call you major tit-wobble"-HC

"I am the very model of a modern major-general"…-GB

"Sex isn't a spectator sport"-DJB

"Now the last thing we would want is for you to be upset"-GB

"Call me Gyro-man"-SP

"Now all he needs is a wash"-GB

"About as flash as a rat with a gold tooth"-AM

"Sex isn't for free"-SP

"Shreeeeederrrrr, get back to the Technadrome"-JC

"Don't sit there, my guardian angle's sitting there"-GB

"Wait, I've never kissed my car drunk before"-SP

"Eee, eee, eee, Ooohrang"-RW

"Hello, this is ------- Wong, and you have rang the Wong number"-AM

"Can I borrow your hole, Fatty"-EY

"I understand cars about as much as I understand women"-GB

"Don't you remember the flux capacitor"-EY

"You've lived under a rock all your life if you haven't heard of"…-SP

"Oi, you're me mate, ahe? Yair, your me mate"-SP

Television & Film

"This is my all time best lucky find I ever found in the whole of today"-Cat; Red Dwarf

"I'll have you know I chose this face from the thousands that were available to me because it happens to be the face of the greatest and most prolific lover who ever lived."-Holly; Red Dwarf

"God himself couldn't sink her."-Cal in Titanic

"Can't wait to see what the bathrooms are like."-Cage; Mortal Kombat

"If you want my professional opinion as ship's councillor, he's nuts"-Troy; Star Trek First Contact

"Make a good souvenir"-Ripley; Alien Resurrection


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