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Created January 1st 1998.

My name's Greg Bellamy, and this is my second attempt at a homepage. This time round I've gone for subtlety and simplicity, it’s a lot faster! After some editing, the main focus of these pages will be on promoting Catholocism and Catholic values. This section is called Oremus.

There is also a section with some fun pages, and generally time-wasting, but entertaining reading. This is called the Marvellous word of Marvin the Martian; Marvin himsels has unfortunatly moved out! Feel free to email me with constructive comments!

The short-cut URL of this page is: http://start.at/Bellas

Oremus Traditional Roman Catholicism is in short supply these days, here is my contribution. Includes prayers in latin & English, a translation of the Traditional Roman Rite and links to other traditional sites.
The Marvellous world of Marvin the Martian No, there is no longer a Marvin page I'm sorry to say, but there are other fun pages and links to other interesting, forgettable and generally stupid sites.
Free Textures A collection of free texture files that I created for web pages and the desktop
Bellas ??? That’s right, all about me. Who am I? Where I live? What I like, well I s'pose you get the idea.

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My URL: http://start.at/Bellas

I got it for free at http://come.to
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