About me


Gregory Paul Bellamy




Bathurst, NSW Australia


St. Cecilia's (Wyong)

Assumption (Bathurst)

St. Stanislaus College (Bathurst)

Charles Sturt University: Mitchell (Bathurst)


Snowy (Dog: Border Collie)

Seana (Dog: Welsh Corgi)

Who I live with:

My Dad, Mum, & Brother Damian

What I do

Bachelor of business (Business Management/Legal Studies)

Part-time storeman at a Local Fruit/Veg shop


Roman Catholic (very! LoL!)

Religious involvements

Daily Mass (Well almost!!)

Regular Confession

Youth Prayer/praise group

Youth Music group

Rosary/Benediction group

Morning Prayer Group

Essential Reading that I would recommend for Catholics

Jerusalem Bible (Derrrrr!)(The Holy Spirit)

Daily Roman Missal (Novus Ordo)(ROME)

Daily Roman Missal (Mass of the Council of Trent) (Previously ROME)

The Liturgy of the Hours (ROME)

Crossing the Threshold of Hope (John Paul II)

The Ratzinger Report (Vittorio Messori)

Praying the Rosary (Bishop David Konstant)

Peter on the shore (Anthony Bannon LC)

The Imitation of Christ (Thomas A'Kempis)

The General Instruction on the Roman Missal (ROME)

Ceremonies of the Modern Roman Rite (Fr. Peter Elliott)

The Code of Cannon Law (ROME)

The Rule of St Benedict (St. Benedict)

No man is an Island/Seeds of contemplation (Thomas Merton)

Journal of a Soul (John XXIII)

Catechism of the Catholic Church (ROME)

Baltimore Catechism (No. 1-4)(Thomas Kinkead)

Around the BoreeLog (John O'Brien)

The cloud of the Unknowing (Unknown)

ETC !!!

Favourite Saints

Mary the Mother of God

Gregory the Great (Patron)

Paul (Patron)

Patrick (Patron)

John Bosco

Michael the Archangel


Favourite Television shows at time of writing

Law & Order (USA)

The Planets (UK)

Saints & Sinners (UK)

Star Trek (USA)

Red Dwarf (UK)

SeaChange (AUS)

Zena (Only joking!!!! Ha, Ha.)


Memorable Movies

All Star Wars (Need I say more)

Titanic (Because of its sheer size, abviously not because of the quality of the acting)

The Mission (Classic inspirational movie)

Ben Hur (even bigger than Titanic!!!)

The God Father (The beginning of a sterio-type)

The power of One (Story, music and scenery are perfect)

Schindler's List (Horrific realism)

Battle of Britian (Classic war movie)

Torra, Torra, Torra (Battle of Britian in Pearl Harbar!)

The Fifth Element (Its so stupid its good!)

Hot Shots (American attempts at comedy comes no better)

The Life of Brian (Good, despite not having any knights of neeeeeeee)

ETC (That means I can't think of anymore at the moment)

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