What I think...

Roman Catholocism is the True Faith. I'm sorry if you don't agree, and this might sound intolerant but its not, you're just wrong. Although the universe may be governed by laws of of relativity and approximation, as in the special theory of relativity and the Uncertainty principal, truth is trancendent to the physical universe. That is, although the unniverse may be an ultimatly unexplainable place, truth trancendant to the universe is fixed and unchanging, independent of perspective or personal beleif. Although I don't claim any one person, or even any combination of people in existance can have access to the whole truth,(Excluding Jesus ofcause, though even the second person in the Trinity does not know when the world will come to an end and the general judgement take place.) some beleifs have to be closer to the truth than others, its simply a case that not every one can be right.


The basic point I'm trying to make is that Truth is unchangeing and independent of perspective, there is only one God, and only one explination as to existence. I beleive that the truth can be most accuratly found in the teachings of the Catholic Church. One clear indication of this is the level of continuous persecution it has received throughout history, just as the sematic faith received, an indication of how our elder brothers in faith have access to some of the truth, though not as much as Christians.


So you could conclude that New Age philosophy and self enlightenment are not on my list of commendable beleifs. In fact the New Age, occultism and Masonry are perhaps three of the greatest ideological threats to humanities journey towards its comeing home to God. Humans, through there own fault are intrinsically flawed. We are capable of murder, rape, greed, pride and all the hundreds of vices that plage our world. We are also equally gifted with intellect, a capacity to love and the ability to beleive in things we can neither prove nor disprove. Its a fact though that salvation and enlightenment can not be acheived through our own efforts alone. God must help us, otherwise we would never rise to eternal life.


Truth is absolute. It cannot be acheived through the efforts of man alone, but only through God's help.