Ace Rimmer

Season VII Crew

Boys from the Dwarf

Cat & Lister

The low Cat & Rimmer


Duane & Emohawk

Crew in Science Lab

Rimmer & Mr. Fibble


Female Holly I

Female Holly II

Holly & Hilly

Rimmer on the Holo-ship


Lister: Prisoner of Legion

Male Holly in Sunnies

Old Cat & Rimmer


Crew: Back to Reality

Rimmer & Lister

Rimmer Salute

Rimmer & Kryten from Rimmerworld

Rimmer with a Mind-patch

Starbug in Cargo Bay

Star Bug in Space

Cat Close up

Rimmer & Kryten


Other Smegging Files

Text of The Red Dwarf Theme (Includes the infamous second verse)

The Rimmer Munchkin Song from "Blue"


Greg Bellamy 1998